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Welcome to ON6MU Software/Hardware support group.

This Groups purpose is to give additional support on all kind of suggestions, problems or questions regarding UISS and ALL other ON6MU programs or projects! 

The group contains tips, extra programs and guides to help you along!
Any related topic of any of my programs or projects can be discussed here like PSK31, APRS, ISS SSTV, packet satellite communications, ...

My group/forum for UISS and other ON6MU software: 

Please take the time to visit some of my other sub-groups, like:


Some Programs:

  • UISS is a multi-functional FreeWare packet program designed for AX25 satellite communication, like ISS, PCSat etc. Can also be used for normal packet communication and/or APRS.
    Satellite Packet Communications: Many of the amateur radio satellites in orbit contain computer systems that provide packet capability. Most packet satellites provide BBS-like functions for messages to be passed to anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Several contain CCD cameras, even SSTV, which allow amateurs to download images of the earth and some allow users to retrieve data from the onboard experiments. Most satellites use AX.25 with special software developed for satellite communications. Most packet satellites including ISS (International Space Station), can be received with any normal VHF/FM 2-meter packet station. These are just some of the things you can do with packet radio.
  • RX-SSTV has been designed specially for receiving SSTV images! Ideal for ISS, but it can be used for almost all types of SSTV formats. 
  • RX-PSK31 has been designed specially for receiving PSK-31 and variants. Ideal for SWL's!
  • PreMuLoc made to find the location of any prefix, country or Maidenhead locator displayed on a map.
  • TinyLocator  is a program that calculates the position of almost any type of locator, distance, direction...and it converts all types of location formats!!

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