Re: TIPs for a Satelite newbie

Bill Erhardt

I use UISS for the APRS on the ISS on 145.825. PCSAT is also on the same freq.


Other satellites go to




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From: Niece KA1ULN
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2020 6:39 AM
Subject: [ON6MU] TIPs for a Satelite newbie


first of all I see this  groups is NOT used much?  why?  
is there another  group I should be a member of   to learn more?

i know about the   frequencies   144.390 to see from    APRS
the  downlink and  the uplink frequency from ISS

i am also curious  how to work other  satellites (ham satellites)?
which  software  do you use?  windows and  IOS  for iphone?

thanx  so much
hopefully  we  will get more  traffic here
since  ISS  is a  lot more  active!
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