Re: Getting the Icom 9700 working with UISS for Digipeating With the Space Station

bob lee

Glad you got it to work
I've been fighting most of the day trying to get cat7200's drivers to work in win7 64bit
they install but wont start, tried different installs: with device mgr, right clicking on the ins file, running the bat file as admin
all load but no starting the driver
dont know how to make this work, never seen a driver that wouldnt start after install

Uiss is working, I can decode and when I manually xmit I can hear the beacon from the rigs monitor plus theres rf output (testing on 2M ssb)
I also have a usb com device that I'm using on linux for PTT on my ft757gx and it shows when the beacon sends

going to head over to the 9100 group & see if anyone there has had this

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