Re: UISS_Setup.exe is dangerous so Chrome has blocked it




Once there was an X-file ;-) and it needed to be solved...
I had never got one a single infection alert, not in my original sourcecode folders, nor in my distribution folder. And the setup files online were originally uploaded 24th of dec 2020. No infection until recently.

Remember that here on my PC the original compiled files did not give of any warning (yes, using several AV programs).

However, when downloaded the warning occurred. After checking here the conclusion was and is a false positive or infection on the server. I know because I made the program from A to Z and there could not have a virus infected the files (I use a special secure virtual vault). In this case Graeme was right.

Anyway, I made a fresh recompile with an updated compiler of the setup program, uploaded the 100% clean files to my website and mirror (also here in the group). 


Sorry for all inconvenience and my best 73,


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