Re: UISS_Setup.exe is dangerous so Chrome has blocked it

Peter Stover (KD4QNA)

To download the file, I turned OFF security in W10 settings. It downloaded with no problem. After the download, I turned ON security once again. Seems to be working fine with no problem.


On Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 4:20 AM Robin <robin@...> wrote:

Hello Peter,

I, once again, am seeing the same 'malicious object detected' in Kaspersky and it deletes the file marking it as dangerous.

I've already reported this but no-one seems interested.

I am not an academic - clearly Guy is a very clever individual - but I did spend many years assisting my IT clients with malware
detection and file recovery ... even from ransomware!

The 'data0005' component of uiss.exe is showing as infected, but I am certain it's a 'false positive' and can be ignored.
Virus detection started by looking at their signatures, but there are too many new ones appearing now so developers use
heuristics - virus like activity - to make detections now. Sometimes they are over cautious!

I have run MBAM and ESET separately on the UISS-.exe file and they report it as clean.

Bizarrely; I believe that Chrome uses the ESET engine .... so why it shows it as a problem I'm flummoxed.

I hope there may be something useful in this and it has helped.

I've certainly had no help on this site when I asked several questions about a SatGate I tried to set up many. many
months ago!

P.S. Switching off AV as a solution to these issues is not recommended!


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